The EUTW used force to kick me out!

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The EUTW used force to kick me out!

Post#1 » Wed 15 May, 2019 8:54 am

The EUTW used force to kick me out!

Not they didn't, I decided to stop myself, it is called CLICKBAIT. @GIPPO.
The force used: slow death by lack of progress, the kick was in the metaphorical teeth and out I went on my own.

[in reply to, but elsewise off topic: WARNING: Make sure you have everything polished or else... post by sEi:]
sEi wrote:Please dont - You are doing a good job and are much appreciated.

Being admin you have to withstand all sorts of opinions and difficulties, criticism and stuff.

About arma map edits/making then i primary wanted to restart the eutw wiki for that kind of info. There it is possible to put all the important nits and bits for the aspiring map maker. The wiki will be re-started very soon, as i am in communication with Vicious about starting/seeding it.

I know how it is when you know the important details about a project and you try to tell the community about them and they either ignore them or bitching about it. When the wiki is up you/we can write the info there and 'slowly' filter out the emotionel and demanding stuff so only pure valuable clear information is left.

Hope you reconsider your decision as your work here is super.


Thank you for your kind words. The community negativity is not any problem for me, as there is no real negativity within the community at all. People are providing feedback, are being critical and just want the best for the EUTW experience.

For me the reason to pull out is because of the limitations from within EUTW, where words speak louder then actions.
I'd prefer to progress on a much faster rate and scale then EUTW prefers.

I believe EUTW could have an active community on social media, and fill more servers, get the required donations to actually run those servers and we could have a much higher quality experience overall. That is even beside development.

Things move far too slow with EUTW, for only 1 reason, the gatekeeper has no priority to replace the development team, everything has to go through the gatekeepers hand and on his pace, grace and will.

Every other (semi-/active) member is being hold back by this, is very compartmentalized and there is no real trust towards anyone. It does not matter if you have far more knowledge and experience and goodwill, money, time, energy and are mix of a unicorn, the pope, Zuckerberg and He-man, there is no A-team, only A-person.

It is mostly waiting and hoping for an reaction, which is most often either no or a doubt at best, let alone an action.

This in combination with the shear amount of time and energy it takes (and the gatekeeper does not seem to remember) to actually do something and push things forward and then to always be throttled and stuck in the lowest gear and then to have your voice silenced / dictated,... then I say it is no longer worth it for me to even try.

There are a lot of layouts waiting in a fairly polished state, by the speed things are moving, this is sufficient preparation in the pipes, to fill at least a whole other year within EUTW, but once released, these will require live feedback and maintenance in terms of polishing with a small tweak here and a big touch up there.

The layout rotation could have been rolled out 1st of February, 1st of March, 1st of April, 1st of May, will it be 1st of June? I don't know.

I understand this may come across very negative, but please understand, I don't perceive it like negative, just as energy inefficient and time consuming. Therefor for me the balance is off to continue pushing.

EUTW requires to allow more active contributors for the efficiency to go up. This means persons should be let in AND allowed to actually perform the tasks required to fulfill a single role. A.k.a. let developers have access to the required code (which does not necessary mean the main branch at first). And give the authority to the layout developers to actually push out and update the rotation them selves. Have a person/team allowed to actually perform on the forums and social media.

For instance after half a year, while I spend far more hours then twice (probably even quadriple) of all other EUTW members combined, I am allowed the following:
- communicate (not moderate) within the admin discord channel;
- close threads of others and edit my own threads on the forum;
- have (limited) access to especially compartmentalized GIT for the layouts, to share my work with GIPPO;
- can kick & ban people from the server;
- and since 3 weeks or so, am able to END the mission on a server from within game.

Any community or project manager should understand the limited amount of functionality this is.
I can't even remove spam from the forum.

Yes there is a list of RED-admins, from all there is just GIPPO and Nyles. Nyles often comments, but Nyles neither is able/allowed/willing to prioritize EUTW. Nyles' actions have mostly been limited to commenting and removing spam from the forum.

So basically there is TMoB performing some server tasks (he puts in a lot of effort to work around relative easy to fix / automate tasks for the server). But isn't allowed to do any real dev.

Vicious is buried in real-live work, but if permitted by time, he does the website & now tries to set up a wiki as soon as he can. And no, Vicious is severely bottlenecked by EUTW as well, for instance, as our webmaster, he does not have any more Forum access then I do (AFAIK).

I did the layouts for the last half year and ain't allowed to actually push the layouts to the server or until very recently couldn't even end a mission and still I ain't able to select a mission, so we can gather feedback of the layout actively being tested. Instead I have to wait for months at an end to see if it randomly pops up somewhere and then hope it is when there are players around whom I can join and look around / request feedback.

And developmet wise: that is pretty much a flat line.
While several well-educated, well experienced, professional employed, dev's have offered their help,... not a single dev has been taken under consideration. Because the person who should let them in has no time (priority) to let them in and show them the ropes, meanwhile EUTW is left hanging to dry.

So I work with the means I do have, so when I place this clickbait thread to lure in some examples, then I get negative feedback from EUTW's gatekeeper. Which is the metaphorical droplet, as this even limits me more, as it is the last workaround I had to keep the community alive and thriving: communication.

(And all efforts for extracurricular promotion etc. has always been demised to none, not even a slimmed down version or an alternative being rolled out, even once, it barely sparks any reaction or discussion.)

I speak my mind here, with the hope that the community picks this up and hopefully some(ones') mind(s) can be changed for the better.

There is still so much that can be done, EUTW can shine!

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Re: The EUTW used force to kick me out!

Post#2 » Wed 15 May, 2019 11:52 am

3Hugger wrote:The EUTW used force to kick me out!

There is still so much that can be done, EUTW can shine!

BTW , you are the are been the best layout creator

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Re: The EUTW used force to kick me out!

Post#3 » Wed 15 May, 2019 12:24 pm

We clearly communicated this to you as you joined: The whole thing depends on GiPPO's time how much he can commit.

EUTW has been in maintenance mode for the last 1 1/2 years, focusing on keeping the servers up and running and doing necessary work around that while donations are coming in.

We know that this is frustrating, but it shouldn't come as a surprise.

You were told explicitly what you can expect and that there won't be much support. We took a chance with involving you and giving you a chance to update layouts and introduce new ones. As you can see, it has also created tension with other people in the community - especially when you start bumping heads with your patronizing knows-it-all attitude.

I wish you the best of luck, finding the mod team community you are searching for, but threads like this are a bit pathetic to be honest and are quite revealing about your personality.

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