Warlods took EUTW idea?

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Warlods took EUTW idea?

Post#1 » Tue 04 Dec, 2018 2:42 am

I just saw the update which includes Warlords, a new game mode that is increadibly similar to EUTW. Here's what it says:

"A free update to the first-person military shooter Arma 3 has added a new large-scale competitive multiplayer mode called Warlords. First and foremost, it is not a battle royale: Instead, it puts NATO and CSAT teams in bases on opposite sides of the map, from where they must conquer AI-controlled sectors, chain them together into a route across the island, and then launch an assault on the enemy base.

Players who do well in battle will be rewarded with Command Points, which can be used to call in vehicles, AI-controlled reinforcements, better weapons and gear, or for "strategic advantages" like fast travel or sector scans. Command Points are earned by killing enemies and taking control of sectors, and sectors will also generate points for whichever team controls them. The new mode is clearly focused on competitive multiplayer combat, but players can also opt to team up on one side to do battle with the AI, and it can be played solo as well, with AI handling friendly and enemy forces alike."

So what do you folks think?

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Re: Warlods took EUTW idea?

Post#2 » Tue 04 Dec, 2018 10:28 am

It´s more like the old Domination mod for Arma 2. CTI (Capture the Island).
With tons of AI controlled units.

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Re: Warlods took EUTW idea?

Post#3 » Tue 04 Dec, 2018 11:45 am

There are similarities between EUTW and Warlords for sure.

After playing one round on Warlords yesterday I can say EUTW is more tactical and slower paced.

However having purchasable AIs is a really good idea. It makes fun to play even a low populated server.

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Re: Warlods took EUTW idea?

Post#4 » Tue 04 Dec, 2018 2:30 pm

@ErikTrak Sure Liberation and Jammy Warfare have this kind of option, BUT depends on how much AI you spawn you need more server ressources. The other thing if you want to use many AI you will start using Headless Clients and from my own hosting experience those tend to just stop working and then a server restart is needed. This happened about every 8-9h when my server was populated( but there were 4 HC and about 800 AI, so there was some load). Liberation knowing that problem has a save-mode built in
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Re: Warlods took EUTW idea?

Post#5 » Tue 04 Dec, 2018 4:52 pm

Also those AI-controlled units always caused trouble in Domination. Like when you had to clear those AI points and they got stuck in buildings, walls or rocks and you couldn´t find them.

It was sure fun back in the days but i also remember all of the flaws. And i bet they are still present in the new Arma 3 release.

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Re: Warlods took EUTW idea?

Post#6 » Tue 04 Dec, 2018 8:31 pm

is nice , good for attracting new player.. but is flat... no teamplay.. smell of noob... better king of the hill at this point.. better EUTW remaing at the first place.

Probably can be a good starter for new player in Eutw

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Re: Warlods took EUTW idea?

Post#7 » Tue 04 Dec, 2018 8:43 pm

Warlords is on workshop since 2015...

I think AI is ruining any PVP experience in ARMA3 and should be used only in solo/coop games.

While i'm playing with an average 30fps on eutw server it goes less than 10 on official warlords server with 30 players limit.

I tried one game today and there will be no more for me :
players sending all their CP as quads paradrop on target ...more lags yahoo! :nuts:
you cant form a squad with player only
One game solo with only AI, CSAT cant take point from neutral forces :lol:

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