Peter teamkill mhq

Report player disruptions on the servers
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Peter teamkill mhq

Post#1 » Fri 10 Jul, 2020 2:28 pm

14 h 18 10/07/20

i wonder now since when the players base their rules on the server and allow themselves to teamkill the mhq at their convenience it's dark on the server we are in three vs two !

it's no secret that the servers are going really bad right now wouldn't be time to stop the bullshit ! :banghead: :banghead:
it might be good for an admin to spend time to time to spend the nights starting the server apart example .
Or now the server eutw apartiens a Peter who plays with these two buddy to camp a point for are good pleasure ?

Thank you for keeping us up to date with donor history whether we come back or not play! now i'm leaving on koth rhs

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Re: Peter teamkill mhq

Post#2 » Sat 11 Jul, 2020 3:14 pm

Got a 3 day timeout
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