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Post#1 » Mon 27 Jan, 2020 8:03 pm

Player Salam ran straight at me on Crosses and started firing through the door and walls of the building i was in.
There was no way he could have known i was in there.
I was not close to any walls, so he couldn´t have seen my legs or uniform or anything.

He just ran up and started firing through the door and then said to his buddy Felis Magica: "There is someone in there".
Then he finished me through the wall.

Server #2 Kavala II

replay time 18:40-18:45

(check IPs!)

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Re: Salam

Post#2 » Thu 30 Jan, 2020 7:23 pm

Hello Leroy,

Please find attached video showing said instance taking place at 2020/01/27

In the attached video above you can clearly see Leroy standing in the middle of the doorway at the start.

Followed by me shooting him once again after his shoulder appears in my screen and I start shooting. (Slow down video to clearly see it)

Leroy, I am really disappointed in you, and sadly I have to say I have lost all the respect I had for you after this incident. Always thought you were a cool fellow member of this fine community but calling others cheaters without proof is out of the line, at least attach a video showing me breaking the rules and not turn this into a your word against my word. Though I have to say I'm thankful you were saying I'm cheating ingame, because if you didn't say anything I wouldn't have saved the video and I would probably be banned wrongful.

Thanks and regards,

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Re: Salam

Post#3 » Fri 31 Jan, 2020 10:48 am

Yup, that video was helpful. I did not recall crouching in that doorway. I was quite sure i was prone on the ground.

Also on my screen that door was closed. And on your screen it was opened. So that was maybe a client-side problem.

I apologize for the false suspicion then.

But as you might know there are a couple of players on these servers that are using illegal ways to get information or intel about enemy positions.

Not tools maybe, but just information from players on the other team. That´s what i thought what happened.

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