Report player disruptions on the servers
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Post#1 » Sun 05 Jan, 2020 12:47 am

Server #1, Pyrgos Gulf, Independent, about an hour ago from now Jason(sniper) took out 4 friendlies eventhough he was warned by Toma that the players were on his team. Immediately after that, Toma got shot dead by Jason. We didnt get a word from him. He may be a noob but he got enough warnings and should be banned.

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Re: Jason

Post#2 » Sun 05 Jan, 2020 11:36 am

can this be a solution?

teamkill should be automatically denied to eutw newbies (or everyone, if this mean a complicated script) for the first 30-60 minutes they have joined: they only will lose their money.

This should help them to learn uniforms and gameplay with no consequences for the rest of the team and not too much of
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