Lev and the MHQ´s

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Lev and the MHQ´s

Post#1 » Sun 01 Jul, 2018 12:06 am


at the Game that was on 30.06.18 to 01.07.18 (over the night) the Therissa Layout [Altis].
Lev drove the MHQ the same way over and over again, and the MHQ getting destroyed over and over at nearly the same position.

I think Lev do that on purpose, we ask him why he do it and the only think he said why nobody else driving it.
We never get a chance, he take it when it spawns.

Maybe he had another dude on the other team to troll.

The whole Game we never get a MHQ close to objective.
I think you can see that with the replay function (i can´t i dont donate now, but i will :D)


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