=B2F= vadi kaminski - ruined my marshall and switched teams

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=B2F= vadi kaminski - ruined my marshall and switched teams

Post#1 » Mon 02 Apr, 2018 11:25 am

=B2F= vadi kaminski
[B2]= maxim kaminski

Hi guys,

"vadi kaminski", joined blues, while his mate "maxim kaminski" was on reds. He got in to my Marshall, he messed me around, probably gave a good target for his mate in reds, my marshall was destroyed in seconds, and then he joined reds with his mate. Please see videos below. On first video he messed my marshall, in the second he changed teams.

Terrible trolling. I recommend a month's ban for "vadi kaminski". If he has been a troll before, I recommend permanent ban.

Please see videos below. Video 1, he made me lose my Marshall, and video 2 he switched teams.


|DJ| John

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