Report player disruptions on the servers
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Post#1 » Wed 31 Jul, 2019 9:26 pm

Hello I come to report the use of glitch on server 2 at 21:05 a player glitch a wall to kill me!

9 players present in bluford but no one denounces and we go crazy for my mouth it may be time to see these mentality
I love fashion but the server is no longer running and the players' mentality is deteriorating sharply
I speak for myself and for the other 15 French I come regularly playing is tired of being insulted because of our accents and especially full of the ass of people who does not respect the rules
when I move a mhq I take it to the spawn and make sure not to let me see the part that is generally camping the spawn I place in the 600 meters of the zone to attack and 5 min later a dopley takes it to explode but does not come out of the spawn him! it's really time to do something or I would not put your foot on your server and I guarantee you a pub foli facebook msn discord youtube tweeter (I have some video situation that deserves the palm!)

text and translated part google I hope that the translation remains true to my thoughts coodially a donor who is not ready to give back

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Re: Glitch

Post#2 » Thu 01 Aug, 2019 1:19 am

are there multiple people you want to report?
if yes i would love you to make a list(the approx names) and upload the videos(for VON chat mainly).

As of in general we do not tolerate toxic behaviour. The main problem here is that we cant be online all the time(im happy having internet after 2 weeks after moving, normally im almost 24/7 if you guys have a problem on the servers).
Thats what this thread is all about(in extreme cases Discord or TS is a possible way too, pls discord if possible, as it works on my phone).
I personally sometime look in to our monitoring system for admin tags (we see them seperated when someone writes admin in the chat), but as you can imagine i have a RL too (or what people call sitting in front of a PC).

But if you feel that someone is misbehaving in ways that are toxic or against the rules feel free to contact us or to report them here.
I usally look in the forum multiple times a day so i will see it rather quickly.

I hope that you still have some cool games on the servers and im waiting for the vids to make some punishments ;P

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Re: Glitch

Post#3 » Sun 04 Aug, 2019 10:06 pm

Hi Gastonix , could you upload the video you have? you can pm me if you needd help with that

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