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Post#1 » Mon 15 Oct, 2018 10:01 pm

I also reported this guy but we have a singular case, here, really. After 40 mins he was trolling the game I managed to enter the MHQ he was driving in base and take control of the situation. I talked to him in a very aggressive way at 1st but he was surprised, then, after a while I calmed down explaining what was going wrong with his approach, he said sorry (normally the real troll insults you ) and told me he bought Arma yesterday.... So I calmed down more and explained him how to play (just a bit of this and that...for 40 mins long about ) . When he felt rdy we get togheter in field and teamplayed very well. Quite an humble and cooperative person, I must admit. I too say sorry but I think this guy has to be revalutated now. He already had his lesson from me @ base, but he really showed a nice temper after all ( the time I spent with him). You can check the replay and see he didn't troll at all after he stayed with me. And also a really good and wise player for his 1st date with ArmA. Lift the ban please,
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