I want to come back pls

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I want to come back pls

Post#1 » Sun 04 Mar, 2018 6:18 pm

In-Game Arma Name: Speed0138
Steam Community Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/7656 ... 58729/home
GUID: Sorry, I don't know it
Time you were banned: Permanent
Server(s) you were banned on: all
Additional Comments: Hi.
I'm writing this appeal to ask you the "amnesty". About 1 year ago (honestly I don't remember when I was banned, the last time I've played on an EUTW server I think is been in the first half of 2016) I'm been banned by your servers. Maybe you remember me as Speed or Vitt "Speed" De Lucia... I used to play a lot of time on your servers, I think that is the best european server of arma. I hate the Koth, your gamemode is so fun. I want to come back, as I already told you in another appeal I don't know the cause of my permaban. I'm a serious gamer, maybe I'm not the most skilled, but I always respected the rules. Please, unban me, I want to come back!

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