Ban appeal AHappyTeddyBear

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Ban appeal AHappyTeddyBear

Post#1 » Fri 01 Feb, 2019 11:16 pm

In-Game Arma Name:AHappyTeddyBear
Steam Community Profile:
Time you were banned: first time for 10 days
Server(s) you were banned on: EUTW 2
Additional Comments:

I would like to appeal my ban for violating the rule of intentionally team killing someone. Since the moment me and friend got into the scorcher Alacazain was telling us were useless noobs and should be fighting in the field and not mortaring people. Even though we had just wiped out an entire enemy push on the point he was still calling us noobs and useless players. What makes it even worse is that he had been sitting in an scorcher for half the game and no one was bitching at him for being useless. I was done with being insulted so I fired two rounds at his location however one round exploded the ammo truck next to him.
(he shelled me with 20 Shells then said something rude and disconnected)
This is clearly not true and you could probably check the logs for that. Also I was not the one to swear he started swearing at me and my friend so we quickly left the server. I just want to point out that if you're trying to keep the severe as non toxic as it could be, insulting and swearing should not be tolerated and Alacazain was provoking my reaction. Also I want to say Koenradar was in no way able to shoot down his drone
alacazain do you see anything
was a simple call for info for our scorcher. Non the less I want to apologize to Alacazain for intentionally team killing him. The ban might be deserved but I just wanted to shed some more light on the matter since Alacazain's story was quite one sided. Though I'm sad I won't be able to play EUTW for another 10 days.


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Re: Ban appeal AHappyTeddyBear

Post#2 » Sat 02 Feb, 2019 12:09 pm

Hi ahappyteddybear,

Thanks for the clarification. Although I cannot find Alacazain saying these things in chat (he maybe used voice?), still, you do not just destroy hard earned friendly vehicles.

The 10 days will end on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 10:36:34 PM GMT+01:00
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Re: Ban appeal AHappyTeddyBear

Post#3 » Sat 02 Feb, 2019 1:21 pm

I totally understand and yes I was using the voice side chat.

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Re: Ban appeal AHappyTeddyBear

Post#4 » Wed 20 Feb, 2019 3:53 am

Wow just wow. You clearly violate rules and then lie about what happned. Best advice stop breaking server rules and secondly lying about what happned simply wont help you in this instance.

Would probably be better to simply just apologise then doing 2 wrongs.

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