"Get in the circle"

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"Get in the circle"

Post#1 » Sun 28 Mar, 2021 11:32 pm

I logged onto EUTW today for the first time in months. First thing I do is try to help save our (BLUFOR's) second to last objective from being taken before we lose the game. I'm making my way to the objective under fire, trying not to get killed when I get my first message of the game from a teammate:

Boop: logrus get in the circle

I got killed. Told Boop to mind his own business. Went back to the objective. Held there for several minutes. Killed a few OPFOR. Waited patiently for Boop to be an example of that teamwork he spoke of by coming back to the objective and getting in the circle. But... no Boop.

I've played EUTW a while and hoped for the player base to rise to the potential of the game mode. After many hours, I will fondly remember 3 good firefights amounting to about two hours of game time. I will less fondly remember the vast majority of the other hours as the micromanagers and armchair generals squawked their renditions of "Get in the circle" ad nauseum. The same people shouting, "Get in the circle!" also manage to ignore the 25 other players on the team hanging out at the base or who are anywhere else on the map other than being near a capturable objective. And these players ignore the fact that dead soldiers can't get in any circle. But, damn it all, if they say to get in the circle, everyone else should goose step on into that circle.

KotH is generally a boring game mode with a fairly toxic crowd. Yet I've been able to find better teammates among random KotH players than I've been able to find on the EUTW servers. The level of toxicity here stabilizes at juuuuuust below enough to get banned with occasional peaks above that.

I know I'm not a regular and that nobody cares and this is just talking into the wind. And hell, in the future I'll still log on occasionally, turn off voice chat, ignore the text comms, and just shoot at some opponents. Probably not for long though. I suppose I just wanted to waste some time posting this, waste some electrons, call out Boop and his ilk for posterity, and write that, "Get in the circle" is what I will remember the EUTW players for. That, and people driving the MHQ down the same main road into the same ambush for the duration of each match.

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Re: "Get in the circle"

Post#2 » Mon 29 Mar, 2021 2:37 am

Don't let one guy to ruin your fun at EUTW. And yes, I know there are some guys that aren't the nicest guys and especially when their team is losing the round.
But there are also many nice guys which makes your game more fun to play.

For those "not so nice guys" usually best advice is just to ignore them. Do not answer them and very likely they leave you alone.
Any continuous toxic behavior should be reported so admins can stop that. Everyone can lose their nerves occasionally, usually frustration by their own bad gameplay and trying to turn that to others fault.

I hope to see you at EUTW more often to increase player count and to increase "fun to play" factor.

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