Keep current weapon, scope and panel status

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Keep current weapon, scope and panel status

Post#1 » Wed 10 Mar, 2021 7:03 pm

Hello. Some annoying changes happens after revive, death or fast travel.
Would it be easy to implement so that these won't change?

1. Right and left panel info.
GPS status (for me it is right panel) seems to be only that stays.
But e.g. if I have mine detector at left panel, it will reset after death.

2. Scope selection.
If I select iron/close sight on MOS, it is reset to optics every time I die or being revived.
Probably same with other scopes?

3. Keeping the selected weapon on fast travel.
If I'm at base and choose a launcher and then fast travel, my weapon is changed to primary weapon.
When engaging enemy armor at destination this switching back to launcher is some times too much and armour kills me.

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Re: Keep current weapon, scope and panel status

Post#2 » Fri 12 Mar, 2021 5:13 am

1. Seems possible, though would need some tinkering as its not fully documented it seems, but i would limit that functionality to only infantry available panels(the rest you would need to activate again), as its possible to activate panels via script that couldnt be opened otherwise.

2. Not sure if this is even possible, wsiting for more info.

3. I think this is the easiest one, but i would leave the weapon switch animation to not give people too much advantage when fast travelling

Not sure how long i will need for that, but i will try my best
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Re: Keep current weapon, scope and panel status

Post#3 » Fri 12 Mar, 2021 1:11 pm

OK. Thank you. Like I said, just little annoying things. Put your time first to more important issues.

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