Letter to who likes to complain and then quit eutw

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Letter to who likes to complain and then quit eutw

Post#1 » Thu 04 Mar, 2021 8:00 pm

This can be also considered a guide for the ones asking changements for better gaming.


be objective: 80% of eutw problems (and not eutw only) are players temper related.

Try to be honest and admit yourself players are the core in every game, no matter the kind of.
Try to be honest and remeber we started complaining a state of the game that now we are calling back.
All this because eutw community was constantly complaining: members were only capable to consider half side of the changement they were asking for:

"Admins, flags are too easy to be recaptured, make it harder"

and few time later

"Admins: flags are too hard to be recaptured now, make it easier".

Analyze our community and you will find out that:

- Community is splitted in 2, in between who wants to fight and who wants to win and that's one of the biggest division causing lots of troubles: the 1st section asks admins tweaks to have better fighting looking @ 360° , the 2nd is looking @ 180°or less.

- Both of these 2 sections are further to be divided in 2: the ones who understand a changement for a better fighting will have a boomerang counter-action and the ones who don't.

- Now divide theese 4 sections in the ones who are trying to deal and compromise with Arma & eutw mechanics and the ones who don't.

- Divide the 8 fractions in the ones who only play to score and the ones who play to help their mates.

- Divide the 16 fractions in the ones who stick with their friends and the ones who go balancing.

- Divide the 32 fractions in between the ones who only play their favourite faction and the ones who don't care.

- Least but not last, divide everyone according who tries to keep the server alive, no matter its state and who quitted.

In a parallel way, admin's section followed a similar path. Are we to blame them?

The more experienced people we lost, the worse the playing has turned because they left more slots to more newbies.

And now, you reappear out of nowhere complaining the game is the same shit?

Dude...c'mon !
"When taking part in a discussion, the most difficult thing is not defending your opinion, but knowing what it is in the first place." André Maurois

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