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Assets/players, gameplay

Post#1 » Wed 03 Mar, 2021 10:49 pm

{|Optional} crew AI .

* Open multiplayer games is based on independent players . Independent players don't have good player drivers, and additionally, Vanilla MBTs and IFVs in Arma 3 is based on Health ( as in BF . IFV is usually 2 infantry AT missiles, MBT is 3-5 (usually 2-4 155 APFSDS-T) ), so difference between switch-sit and full crew AFVs is huge .

Make 2x scopes' middle price: 4 000><10 000; for all-classes .

* The sectors usually have to be taken in CQC, this is how it always is and have to be if needs/wanted to be forced, no practical aspect of ability to buy these scopes worth more than 10k (or less) .
* They don't add range as "7.62" or 4x+ scopes .
* Using the cost as a Rifleman deposit (against buying other assets) is not too good idea in relation to that players usually want to do more than only infantry to infantry combat .

The current state repelled me from the server at the first time .

Set the fast-travel delay to ~15 sec, and add blocking of fast-traveling to where enemy is in ~50-100m range .

* I like the more tactical gameplay too, but i think this would combine it with a more active one for players {that / when they} want it .

PvP ARs and maybe only 2 and fully-featured sides/factions .


This will largely enhance the gameplay .
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Re: Assets/players

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