team vote 'defeat'

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team vote 'defeat'

Post#1 » Mon 25 Jan, 2021 9:45 pm

This was suggested by DOX, already and I too think has to be implemented

After long lasting matches none wants to switch, even if losing team is quitting and it's totally understandable. But the defeated won't stay long if they have to wait dozens of minutes for the next round. So, it would be nice to allow players to decide what to do with a faster move by voting for the round to end up.
A percentage of 70% voters should be enough to validate the command.

Also, this option should reduce the numbers of definitive quitters.

A map restart, even tho if random, could be useful for general purposes as well, such as a not appreciated new layout or bad starting due strong unbalance.

Remember both the teams have to vote to acheive the established percentage.
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