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v2.09.05 - Discussion & Feedback

Post#1 » Fri 08 Jan, 2021 1:26 am

Hello there,

And Happy New Year! We've added two reworked classics back into the rotation: Anthrakia and Pefkas Bay. Both have received a lot of balancing changes, like HQ placement, flag connections, updated flag structures and/or extra MHQ hidespots - as well as some aesthetic changes to make certain flags feel more relevant (Looking at you, Slums!)

Please share your feedback and bug reports below.

Please when you are reporting a bug, try to do it according to the How to report a bug guide.

2.09.05 changelog
Hidden Text
  • Increased prices of anti-personal (HE) rockets:
    • RPG42 HE Rocket from 1250 Cr to 2250 Cr
    • MAAWS HE Rocket from 1250 Cr to 2250 Cr
    • Vorona HE missile from 2000 Cr to 2750 Cr
    • Titan AP Missile from 2000 Cr to 3000 Cr
  • Added Aviator Glasses to all factions for half a devil
  • Reduced Xian base costs by 5k for all variants:
    • Cannon from 30500 Cr to 25500 Cr
    • CAS from 44500 Cr to $39500 Cr
    • AT from 42500 Cr to 37500 Cr
    • Tactical from 39000 Cr to 34000 Cr
  • Added an updated version of Anthrakia back into the rotation (Red vs Blue)
    • Bases re-positioned slightly for shorter and more balanced driving times
    • Two additional flags added near Anthrakia town to avoid previous chokepoint issues: Resort and Fuel Station
    • Anthrakia, Resort and Fuel Station are connected to each other
    • Anthrakia and one of the new flags each connect to Biolab and Charkia, respectively
    • Additional rocks added around Anthrakia area to reduce exposure of attacking forces
    • Additional rock formations added around Mine and Limni area
    • Limni now features a medium watch tower for better overview
    • Further rocks and elephant grass added around Military camp and camp size increased
    • Athira town extended towards Factory flag area as well as more rocks added for cover
    • Biolab flag moved slightly and more cover added
    • Anthrakia, Gravia and Charkia towns remain vanilla flag areas
  • Added an updated version of Pefkas Bay back into rotation (Red vs Blue)
    • Bases re-positioned closer to the battle area for shorter and more balanced driving times
    • Slums has been fully reworked, offering more buildings, nearby MHQ hidespots as well as patches of elephant grass
    • Reworked bridge across cove connecting Backyard and Theatre areas
    • Added more elephant grass MHQ hidespots and some minor aesthetic changes to Backyard and Village areas
    • Additional rock formations and elephant grass added around Military Camp and Radar Station
    • Further rocks, structures and elephant grass added around Factory area
    • Kalithea, Ruins, Theatre, Ghost Hotel and Stocktown remain unchanged from previous version
  • More to come soon...
Bugs / Issues
  • Fixed: Stealth Helmet (Arid) did not show up correctly for UK on Altis, Malden and Stratis instead of jungle variant
  • Increased MHQ hostile driver killscript waiting time from 5 to 10 seconds to better navigate clear off elephant grass
Known Issues
  • None so far!
  • Please provide feedback about object clipping and spawn issues on the new layouts in this thread!
  • Also, please report any issues of things that worked before, but appear broken now!

Also please be aware that servers are currently funded only until around mid of Q2/2021. If you want to support us, please consider donating so we can keep the servers running! :)

Thank you for your ongoing support! <3

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Re: v2.09.05 - Discussion & Feedback

Post#2 » Sat 09 Jan, 2021 12:33 pm

wiki updated!

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Re: v2.09.05 - Discussion & Feedback

Post#3 » Sat 09 Jan, 2021 12:55 pm

Thanks sEi! <3

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Re: v2.09.05 - Discussion & Feedback

Post#4 » Sun 10 Jan, 2021 11:53 pm

Thank you!


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