adding low prices layouts in the rotation

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adding low prices layouts in the rotation

Post#1 » Fri 01 Jan, 2021 9:03 am

I think we soldiers deserve to have some fun every now and then.

I have had some ideas among the time I played eutw in order to play something different too such as car races where cars are invulnerable or easy to fix and unflip during the competition. Both teams start @ point A: the team who reaches point B with more players, wins ( single or multiple laps ). Fuel is given only when teams are balanced. No more opfor or blufor, just players and cars divided by teams. Giving all the players the same car model will also avoid debates.

(Just remember to only count the cars that travelled the proper kms amount, when summing the scoring at the end of the race: this will refrain players from cutting the paths).

I mean, even Marines play rugby on the carriers....

Knowing that the next layout could be a surprise like that, may help players and refrain them from quitting when losing a war match. In addition, having fun all together will reinforce harmony.

The same could happen introducing a low priced layout from time to time: lots of money at start ( 70.000 cr e.g.) and everything reduced at 20% of the normal cost. This will cause a total mess, we all are aware of that, but will give all the players a different and more relaxed attitude. Admins will only have to tweak the initial budgets and the money earned per minute to acheive this without lots of scripting, if changing the price of each singular item is gonna take too long.

Here there were just two examples I had but the goal remains the same: break the monotony and tension between players from time to time and make eutw something even more different from all the other ArmA servers.

Happy New Year, anyway.

"When taking part in a discussion, the most difficult thing is not defending your opinion, but knowing what it is in the first place." André Maurois

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