MHQs going slow? [Possible FIX]

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MHQs going slow? [Possible FIX]

Post#1 » Sun 05 May, 2019 1:46 pm

We saw recently sometimes MHQs going very slow all of sudden, they wont pass speed of 5-10 km/h and this happens randomly and not sure what is causing it, not sure about if it happens to rest of vehicles but i think there is a way to bring back speed to normal - this is temporary fix, what to do:

One way to fix slow moving vehicle is try to move downhill so you gain speed and that way you will shift in higher gear and should be all okay with vehicle speed.

Second solution is i found out yesterday by accident and should be quicker and more easily fix since you cant always go downhill is to just run over bush, tree, any object with vehicle, i did that by accident and speed went back to normal.

Anyone else also had this issues and how to quick fix it please share you findings and opinions...

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Re: MHQs going slow? [Possible FIX]

Post#2 » Mon 06 May, 2019 9:32 am

It is possible that the (front) tires are stuck in the ground, if you have an object collision, the tires might come loose as the vehicle took the collision with the object into account, recalculating the tire position, hence the tires may be freed from being under the ground.

Physics galore.

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