Has EUTW died?

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Re: Has EUTW died?

Post#26 » Wed 27 Feb, 2019 11:23 pm

1. Server not updated properly so people get "session lost".
2. No auto-balance so you get 20 vs 10 teams and people mass quit because it's just pointless.
I won't be playing on this server again until these things get fixed. If you want people to join you need to manage things properly. I can play on Anti-stasi instead where the admins do their job.

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Re: Has EUTW died?

Post#27 » Thu 28 Feb, 2019 12:12 am

20vs 10 was because opfor left server. And opfor was stack. Opfor never cant attack with qulins. Blufor cant play with teamwork. We just stop your mhq/mip.

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Re: Has EUTW died?

Post#28 » Fri 01 Mar, 2019 8:36 pm

^This is one of the players I've seen stacking and also big mouth trash talker. When you join you need to choose the side that has fewer players. It was stacked because nearly every single new connection joined BLUFOR. One even said plainly that he didn't care after I TKd him for it. THEN people started quitting on the other side, likely because of that, making it even more stacked. This is what happens every single match without fail. Garbage like this is not worth my play time. The game mode is okay. It's just the server management that ruins it. There are already few enough players for 1PV servers without chasing even more people away with stupid behaviour and server settings.

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Re: Has EUTW died?

Post#29 » Sun 03 Mar, 2019 1:07 am

Sertica wrote:There are already few enough players for 1PV servers without chasing even more people away with stupid behaviour and server settings.

As you said that we didnt install the newest updates and have stupid server settings we would be interested in what kind of settings and updates you actually mean?

If you have any technical solution we missed out you can surely reach out to us.
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Re: Has EUTW died?

Post#30 » Tue 05 Mar, 2019 3:27 pm

It's just the server management that ruins it.

@Sertica: Like Blubb said if you have suggestions for the optimization of the server or a update is missing you can write it here or
post it on discord. The one thing i don`t wanna see anymore is intentional TK.

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Re: Has EUTW died?

Post#31 » Wed 06 Mar, 2019 11:20 am

mmm... King of the Hill have this "I believe automatic/scripted" thing that will not allow you to join the most populated team. It forces you to get in to the less populated.

We have to many new people.
And many bad players among the new ones.
Retards, unable to read.
Imbeciles unable to listen.
People coming over just to ruin the game play. They really don't care about it.
Sunday it was madness
https://sessions.eutw.net/index.php?ses ... 3150953684
If I remember that was the game.
In our base people were just doing anarchy. Flipped Pawnees (more than one), using mhq's to unflip pawnees driving vehicles around.... It was painful to see all that shit happening and not one around to do something.

I have to point something out.
Longrifle had a tigris, and he knew all the time where you came from, so it was not possible to shoot it. Even do I send 2 rockets in the bucket, but still the Tigris was not even injured.
He definitely had Drone support. Good intel.
So I did check the session replay.
Maq placed a Darter inside base perimeter at the edge, enough to see all warzone as the map is little. And the Drone is not damageable, he kept the drone inside base perimeter as long as the game was going on.
So, is it fair?
MY_FPS_ARE_CRAZY, just stood outside our base denying fresh mhqs to battlefield from 17:21 to 18:53 (when I denied him) , you can check it on Sessions.
MYFPSARECRAZY Two hours in the same spot. Is it a game? Is it fun?
Especially against a team composed mainly of new players
You guys are killing the game-play you so much love.
I personally focus on taking the flags and defending, your base raping strategies for sure do work.
Keep having fun.

In all it was really frustrating and I consider taking sometime off from EUTW, as the people yes, they do stack happily together to beat the shit out of novices. So why you guys don't go play against AI? It is better than newbies.
Or is it that deep satisfaction that urge to suppress real life players, to piss them off, to capture and create that energy, just for the sake of it?

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Re: Has EUTW died?

Post#32 » Fri 08 Mar, 2019 12:12 am

Maybe make MHQs attackable at a certain range from any active circle only? Like the front line + 1.

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