Altis and/or Tanoa Super Layout

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Altis and/or Tanoa Super Layout

Post#1 » Wed 21 Feb, 2018 10:32 pm

This might seem a bit of a stretch here...or someone else may have suggested this a while back.

I thought about this when looking at the server populations. 1 full, 3 empty. Why is it like this you may ask? For a few reasons:
- Players gravitate toward other players: When someone logs on and sees 1 server with people, and 3 others empty, they are naturally going to join the populated server.
- These servers cater towards a small community based in Europe. Different time zones mean others play at certain times during off-peak hours....meaning when people want to play outside of European peak times they wont because no one else is online.
- 60 players max. I know Arma 3 servers can handle more than that.

Anyways, all of these factor into why 3 servers are empty and 1 is full. I think there could be a way to alleviate that...a super layout.

It would mean that 1 layout would encompass the entire Altis or Tanoa map. This would attract more players as well as different play styles. Also, you could boost the population to 100 and have 50v50. Lower the cost of gear and vehicles just slightly, or give a boost to credits earned per minute (like 500). This would encourage multiple types of strategies involving land, sea and air. Maybe people want to fly jets mostly with someone from the other team also doing the would encourage dog fights that don't usually happen in EUTW. It might encourage tank battles while some guys like to paradrop onto enemy tanks and blow them up. Our current layouts don't really provide this much diversity of gameplay as they are small and most good teams aim to capture points ASAP and move on to the next map.

SOooo...I think a server dedicated to supporting more players with only a small handfull of layouts that encompass the entire map of Altis or Tanoa would attract more people, as well as provide an alternate (more fun) solution to waiting for full servers to open up. Think about how many people don't play because they only want to play on populated servers but can't because they are full...only to see the servers open up as the game is at it's end and then everyone disconnects because it's late. Think about it.

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