How to report a bug

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How to report a bug

Post#1 » Tue 13 Oct, 2015 3:14 pm

If you encounter a bug, please include the following information if possible

If you encounter an exploit, please SEND A PM to us (Administrators group) instead of posting it here!

The Bug Itself:
Self explanatory

Details / reproduction:
Every possible detail you can tell us.

What did you do before the bug got triggered?
What weapon/vehicle did you use?
Where did it happen?


Basically anything related, which can help us reproduce it.

Server you played on:
Can be helpful in some cases.

RPT log:
Can be very helpful in most of the cases.

You can find the .RPT logs in your

Code: Select all

C:\Users\*Your user name*\AppData\Local\Arma 3
Or you can just paste this in Windows Explorer:

Code: Select all

%localappdata%/Arma 3

If you use the -nologs parameter (or "no logs" option in the launcher) no RPT log is created.

A new log file is created every time run Arma 3, the game keeps only the 10 latest one.

Please make sure you upload the right log file (the one was created in the game session when you encountered the bug)

Some examples where you can upload:

Doesn't need registration:
File Dropper

Needs Registration
Google Drive
Or any other file upload and cloud site

Arma 3 Bugs
If you find a bug which is also present in a non-EUTW PVP Warfare mission create a report on the
Arma 3 Feedback Tracker

If you are not sure if it's an Arma 3 or EUTW bug, you can post it this forum, so we can look at it. What's more we can even create the report on the feedback tracker.

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