An Arma 3 Event

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An Arma 3 Event

Post#1 » Tue 19 Dec, 2017 9:45 pm

Hey all,

So im not sure if this is a bit out of order... hopefully not; but i just wanted to let the old Special Operations community, and anyone else interested, know that I have started making Arma 3 Operation Missions/Events again.

If anyone is interested in coming along have a read of the Event Breifing here: Team Vs Team Public Operation: "Kandar Kush"

I wont put any more info here because i dont want it to seem i am advertising another server/community.

Gippo et al. I hope this isnt out of order. If it is feel free to delete it, just wanted to reach out to the folks who were asking me to start events again.

PS: my "Handle" in my new group is Preist.V (Same handle i now use on EUTW servers also)


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