Donate time EUTW team

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Donate time EUTW team

Post#1 » Mon 07 Jan, 2019 2:29 am

Hi, not sure where to put this but i was told to make a post on the forums and this looks like a good place.

I would like to offer some of my free time helping with modding, scripting and work on the website if you guys need a helping hand.

Just a few points:

1. I studied for 3 years a uni doing software engineering / game dev
2.a I worked full-time working for the NHS building phone applications which integrated with the shitty NHS system/database
2.b i also working on a web base access for this same application
3. I work full-time currently as a PHP back-end dev for the largest company in that field (more info if requested in private) were i build a CMS for the main website

php, html, javascript, C#, C++, java, git/sourcetree, flying fast

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Re: Donate time EUTW team

Post#2 » Mon 07 Jan, 2019 8:27 pm

Hey Grebo thanks for the offer! Unfortunately we will have to decline for the moment.

We recently added three additional admins to help us with policing the servers and they are also helping with extra layouts, the webpage and some tool improvements.

Before we add additional members, we first need to complete the integration of the last group. When we rushed this in the past, it let to a lot of conflicts, which we would like to avoid and take our time.

When it comes to feature development, we currently only got GiPPO, who is very busy. We can only afford adding additional scripters once we got back on our feet in this area and can afford proper onboarding, mentoring as well as setting up pipelines. As such we are not planing to add additional scripters at this point, sorry!

Hope you understand! Maybe we can come back to your offer over the next months, if things get back on track?!


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Re: Donate time EUTW team

Post#3 » Tue 08 Jan, 2019 12:51 am

@grebo you said you can C++... can you named pipes?

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