[WIP] Double Helix Ver 1.2

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[WIP] Double Helix Ver 1.2

Post#1 » Fri 03 May, 2019 8:13 am

Layout: Double Helix Ver 1.2

Author: Deathicael

Faction 1: blufor
Faction 2: opfor

Description: Refreshing my old map from over a year ago, It's 2:14am right now so I'm just hoping I placed everything right :spineyes: Suggestions are always welcome, I'm also considering adding two outlying points that connect to the 4 inner points and possibly adding more connections to the center as well feel free to do a paint mockup of any connections or points you'd like to see done.




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Re: [new layout Tanoa] Double Helix Ver 1.2

Post#2 » Thu 09 May, 2019 3:32 pm

Please make sure that you follow the guidelines, based on the first impression there is work to do.

[Guide] Some common mistakes/issues
Layout Creation Guidelines and Rules
WARNING: Make sure you have everything polished or else...
And see all comments made on other layout threads recently.

The latest rules overrule the former.

The title of the thread states 'new layout' instead of [WIP], so based on this, the layout 'as is' would be rejected for not abiding to the best practices.

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