[WIP Altis] Breakthrough

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[WIP Altis] Breakthrough

Post#1 » Wed 06 Sep, 2017 1:38 pm

I think of the idea of asymmetric layout design already about half-a-year, although I only got a concept of it only now. It's hard to understand how to make it balanced enough, however it seems like in this case different starter conditions give different advantages.

Faction 2 was surrounded and pushed back to Pyrgos vicinity. Due to better and faster maneuvres Faction 1 obtained control over piers, flanking Faction's 2 territories. However, Faction 2 succeed to save control over Nifi outpost which helps to overwatch and control surrounding area to not let push that line easily.
What would you say, comrades, is it worth to design flags on this layout or asymmetric style doesn't fit EUTW gameplay?

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