Layout Creation Guidelines and Rules

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Layout Creation Guidelines and Rules

Post#1 » Tue 01 Nov, 2016 1:26 pm

Layout creation Guidelines and Rules
You can locate this information along with other useful tutorials within the addon as well

  • The maximum objectives you can place is 12.
    Try first to have less sectors and see that the fight around those sectors is interesting, rather than having a lot of sectors.

  • Both HQs have to be on the same body of land (or multiple as long as they are connected via a bridge)

  • The majority of all objectives have to be on the same body of land as the two bases.

  • Any chokepoints have to be reachable by land vehicles and cannot be on hard to access islands.

  • It is fine to have a chokepoint on an island as long as it is not the only way to push the front-line.

  • Travel times from base to the sectors have to be balanced for MHQs.

  • Important!:
    Altis/Stratis objects can be used on Tanoa, but not Tanoa objects on Altis/Stratis!
    This is due the fact if you place Tanoa objects on Altis/Stratis, players who do not own the expansion cannot join the mission.

  • You are allowed to create sectors out of custom placed objects - like a small village, military base, or similar.This means you can place building, fences, H-barriers and similar objects.

    Keep the placement of small objects like camp fires, water bottles, camp lights, or similar to a minimum. That includes interior of buildings with tables, etc.

    It is not necessary to have something filled with such minor stuff and rather focus on the overall looks. Don't overdo it! Our focus is a performant mission and many objects can interferr with it.

  • You can save up a significant amount of performance by disabling simulation on some objects. Do this on default physics enabled objects, which will disable the physics simulation, thus saving performance.
    Example: already heavy containers, stacks of bricks, coils or small objects you just want to use as decoration, eg: Pillows, tires, etc.

    Fully static objects do not need simulation disabled, also disabling the simulation blocks any damage and animation, so for example: do not use it on buildinds with doors.
  • You can place any civilian vehicle. Do not go overboard with placing vehicles. You can set 'probablity of presence' to lower the chance of each vehicle spawning in, making the appearing vehicles randomized each mission load.
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Re: Layout Creation Guidelines and Rules

Post#2 » Fri 04 Nov, 2016 1:46 pm

Until we have a proper fix for randomizing factions, every layout has to have the used factions on it predefined.

As such, any community layout thread should list the factions you want to see on it. You can choose between Blufor, Redfor and Greenfor.

It is only possible to specify the main factions. Any sub-factions (i.e. British vs. US) are chosen randomly still. The bases are also still randomized, so sometimes a faction starts at base A and sometimes at base B.

Once randomization is fixed in a later update, factions will be shuffled again as normal between the list of Altis/Stratis factions and the list of Tanoa-only factions. So, please avoid theming missions for specific factions as this is just a temporary measure.

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Re: Layout Creation Guidelines and Rules

Post#3 » Fri 11 Nov, 2016 8:04 pm

Naming Guidelines:

Best for layouts to have their name reflect the area they play in or the most defining sector or centerpiece they are built around.

- Pefkas Bay has its main chokepoint (backyard and village) around the Pefkas Bay region in the north east of Altis.
- Anthrakia, Oreokastro, Kore, Kavala, Zaros all have their respective cities as the center piece / chokepoint.
- Peninsula mostly plays around the peninsula/island to the south of Altis.
- Yanukka Line is a linear layout around the Yanukka area on Tanoa.
- Etc..

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Re: Layout Creation Guidelines and Rules

Post#4 » Fri 14 Apr, 2017 11:42 am

On large layouts, do not use the small landing strips as airports. Some aircraft can not land or lift off from these in time.

- NW airstrip (Abdera)
- SE airstrip (Feres)

- Only supports LITE layouts

- SW airstrip (Bala)

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