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Re: [Guide] Some common mistakes/issues

Post#26 » Mon 22 May, 2017 1:53 am

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Re: [Guide] Some common mistakes/issues

Post#27 » Mon 08 Apr, 2019 11:00 am

The rules of thumb change over time and usually the rules become more strict and the stakes rise.

I recommend checking out the developments over time and see what did not make it, is unpopular and what was altered or is something that occurs in most layouts. What are the differences and why does this lead to 'success'.

For the times being most former rules and guidelines give a fair impression and should provide you with an overall feeling of what it takes to deliver a layout that is up to the current standards and will actually make a change of being implemented in a future rotation update (which may never happen, simply because there is already sufficient supply, or the layout although better then others provides with the wrong parameters and there does not fit (in example: we have too many Lite layouts and may require only 1 or 2 more Regular layouts and these happen to (both) be on the island Stratis, then that is what we need and if the awesome artwork you just provided is not that what we require to fill the last gap in the rotation, then it won't make it).

So before you dive in: make sure you understand what it is that distincts a layout that is in the rotation (and will stay/return in the rotation with future updates) from a layout that never made it in the rotation or will get deleted after being tried.

To start read this thread and other threads regarding the subject and try to figure out what has changed, what is outdated and what is a lasting rule of thumb.

Some current (at the time of writing, early 2019!) rules of thumb and guidelines to keep in mind and ones you should understand why they are in place and consider to comply when this fits to your layout:

Check here for the (older/partly outdated) threads in this forum.

Some feedback directly related to your examples:
Less objects is more, try to stay below 1000 objects for the largest of layouts, but the spread of objects is also important, too many objects close to each other is worse then when they are far spread out over the layout.

Try to stay below ~80 objects per objective, for those made from the ground up, and no to a few objects for already cluttered areas like villages and cities or where there is already (heavy) forestation.

Object placement:
All objects must be placed correctly from all angles and sides (no floating sides anywhere);
All objects must be checked for damage states (for each object: set damage state to 0 and launch the game);
Try to avoid intersecting objects and preferably keep objects clean when damaged state is 0 as well (various exceptions do apply);
Make objects simple when possible, see the rules for this on other threads.

Try to avoid containers where possible, especially inside the captive circle (60m around the flag).
Limit the amount of (interactive) doors, lock them when you do not need them, but it is better to avoid using objects with many doors all together. More doors in an area translates to less objects should be placed all together.

No scripting is strongly recommended and if scripts do apply, reconsider!

Try to avoid the use of Rock objects, as these have very specific rules how when applied, limit to 2 rock objects close to each other and in general less then 4 for any objective (depending on BI objects in proximity), rock may not collide with any object at all. The best is probably if you avoid rocks all together, yet smaller stones are not such a problem, with the size of the rocks, the chance rises to encounter problems. Consider every alternative, before trying to implement any rock.

Objectives should be placed in equi-distance from each other in a semi symmetrical situation for both bases.
Both bases should have (very) similar drive times to the nearest and center objective flag, based on the same vehicle used (MHQ trucks). Take into account that uphill and downhill driving have strong influences.

Objectives require sufficient places to hide inside and close around the spawn circle (up to 70m from flag), so that they defending and offending team have a fair chance of survival during the attack (consider artillery, what if all damage states are 0%), consider attacks from the air and snipers and drone observation among other threads.

Each objective requires a fair approach for MHQ's and spawn vehicles, require a decent hiding spots within an acceptable distance from the circle: 300 to 800 meters. With sufficient cover for the attackers from the spawn to the objective.
Also there should be sufficient cover for the defenders whom spawn up to 200m from the flag and therefor require sufficient spawn cover up to 250m from the flag in all/most directions.

Bases should have preferably more then 1 exit road or various alternate routes to the battle area.
Bases should point towards the objectives, so the vehicle spawn correctly.
There should be sufficient space for vehicles to spawn and heli's to land.

You require service points in a 'fair' and usable location. (Depending on the type of layout, you require, boat shops / boat service points, jet service points, uav service points and vehicle service points).

Also take into account the location of (existing!) gas stations, as the location is used for refueling drones, which reflects on the layout and symmetry of objects (these too should be in a fair equi-distance semi-symmetrical fashion when possible, which simply will not withstand in most situation, so pay attention to such details!).

Also take into account the line of sight, as an uphill base or objective has strong influences on the overall balance of gameplay.

For a few examples you could check out the layouts available here:

If you order them with 'latest played' then you will see that the first 24 layouts listed are currently up to standards, where the following layouts may or may not be up to standards (many are not! and therefor (permanently) out of rotation).

The most critical rules of thumb are probably covered, check out the other layouts which do meet the current standards, try to make something original (not too similar or overlapping of other layouts in the rotation) and make sure the layout has a very polished state (as we have to check each and every detail again to verify it's confirmation to the standards).

It is a lot of work to produce a layout, but also to recheck everything and where required to correct. The better polished and high standard quality and originality a layout is, the better the chance it will make it into the rotation. Also, take into account that we have a ration of factors (adjusting over time), which go into each rotation:
currently being:
70 : 30 Regular vs Lite;
=>50% (Altis) : 15% (Malden) : 15% (Tanoa) : 10% (Stratis) : 10% (variation)

The layout has to fit into this mix and compete with other layouts which meet these parameters.

Last notes:
EUTW currently has 24 layouts in the rotation and an additional 26 ready, so the current layout set will be expanded to double the total amount (48 layouts which all meet the current demands).
If a layout can not (easily) be made to fit, for if only 1 objective not meeting demands, or other problematic detail which we can not tailor to meet all the demands, then the layout will be rejected for sure, no matter how high quality the other 95% of the layout is. This because we have to meet all the demands.

Good luck!

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Re: [Guide] Some common mistakes/issues

Post#28 » Mon 15 Apr, 2019 11:07 am

Some examples of what great ideas may turn out to complete failure or awesome surprises, depending on many factors (mostly described with the guidelines, but some common sense and creativity is just as important as any):


Some references regarding equi-distance (the equality of layout semi-symmetry based on viewing distance, travel times (up&downhill differences!) and terrain fluctuations, so that for each and every team, no matter which base the team are assigned to and no matter which team they have to encounter, the battle will be fairly equal and has no unfair advantages for one team or the other.

Example images, for your information as reference to learn:

These examples contain an original concept with some afterthoughts regarding the equi-distances.

Besides distance in meters, the terrain heights, hills in between to obstruct viewing distance, but provides spotters and pantzer or AT/AA positions or sniper overview, roads, or uneven terrain for vehicles to drive or buildings and infrastructure in between and around objectives and base or repair point locations, they all matter for the balance:

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Re: [Guide] Some common mistakes/issues

Post#29 » Wed 08 May, 2019 12:48 pm

Often objects are placed with little or no care.

IF you do not take the afford of placing EACH AND EVERY OBJECT with a close eye to detail, your layout will be IGNORED.

As it costs a lot of time checking someone else's work, we require and expect you to do what ever you can to have everything spot on. Community layouts cost us far more time then making our very own layouts, so it is up to you to make sure every bock is checked and you dot your i's and cross you t's.

Every object requires to be as low to the ground as you can possibly get them.
Check damage states of every object in the editor, by starting the game with various damage states of each object.

Make sure that every entrance, stair and door is accessible as they are supposed to be and every wall is INSIDE the ground, also when the building is fully damaged.

It is usually better to have an object placed a little lower then higher. But this causes problems as well: so every object needs to be placed SPOT ON!

Do your duties when it comes to checking and rechecking your layouts.

The community is very demanding when it comes to detail and quality, so step up and do your stinking best. Anything less then this is a waste of everyone's time.

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Re: [Guide] Some common mistakes/issues

Post#30 » Thu 09 May, 2019 4:33 pm

Make sure to always follow 'best practices', check the latest developments and discussions and comments on other (recent) layouts:

[Guide] Some common mistakes/issues
Layout Creation Guidelines and Rules
WARNING: Make sure you have everything polished or else...

And see all comments made on other layout threads recently.

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