2.07.01, New community layouts, Road to 2.08

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2.07.01, New community layouts, Road to 2.08

Post#1 » Mon 04 Sep, 2017 10:19 pm

Discussion about the news post here:
"If It Isn't Documented, It Doesn't Exist"

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Re: 2.07.01, New community layouts, Road to 2.08

Post#2 » Fri 08 Sep, 2017 9:42 pm

my suggestions are ,i see the first 2 options on a FT-2 server

-spawn/fast trevel in lying position (push shift and klick on the respawn)

-throw a granade in a unlooked tank/vehicel ,killt the inmats and you can capcher the verhicle with small damage on the vehicel

-add side pocket(new dlc) on sniper slot for backpack

-add EVOG to (only for) opfor sniper , after a longer play time (2+) you are the blind one among the one eyed people :banghead:

-balance price of the sniper gear (guns,attachments,camo variance ) i written a longer time a go in a post (sniper slot suggestions ) i understand the difficult task of balancing ;)

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Re: 2.07.01, New community layouts, Road to 2.08

Post#3 » Tue 24 Oct, 2017 2:11 pm

Maybe someone already proposed this idea...
Why not populate some parts of the scenarios, with AI soldiers and vehicles.
This will give early access people who join empty servers something to do, and get some credits for that while playing and waiting for people to connect and battle?

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