Usermade event missions

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Usermade event missions

Post#1 » Mon 11 Aug, 2014 1:27 am

Hi all,

I was quite disappointed yesterday when the event was cancels but I must agree it does take a lot of time to think and make some nice missions. So after a talk with trnapster I got the framework and started on a convoy mission.

I hope to make some more missions for the events to relieve the already to busy eutw team. I would love some input on possible scenario both pvp and pve so please post your suggestions and I will try my best to get them working.

Anyway here is a short description of the mission I made not everything is in it and if you dont want the surprises spoilt I recommend not looking at the mission file.

-Due to sabotage (probably done by independent rebels) CSAT planes at the southern airbase cant take off, the necessary repair supplies are loaded in a convoy standing by at the northern airbase. The objective of OPFOR is to reach the southern airbase with the kamaz transport truck carrying the supplies. NATO needs those planes to stay sabotaged its objective is to intercept the convoy or else the invasion of Takistan will fail.

-The mission uses a radio command to start BLUFOR interception and the departure of the OPFOR convoy at the same time (commanders should communicate over global chat when to start)

-Due to the vulnerable nature of the supplies the kamaz transport truck is limited to the roads (mission rule)
-outside of the SNS framework I included the "Simple ParaDrop" script to simplify insertion (no need to eject the script will trow you out when its time and you can keep those backpacks)


-An undercover AAN journalist was send to stratis to gather Intel and set up an resistance. We have lost contact with him, your team is to insert undercover and check out his house while we check with the resistance. Should be simple right?

-heavily scripted PvE mission for 8 players
mission folders zipped
(145.92 KiB) Downloaded 827 times
PBO files zipped
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