ACRE Installation & Setup Guide

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ACRE Installation & Setup Guide

Post#1 » Thu 03 Jul, 2014 11:46 am

This guide will walk you through how to install and set up ACRE for Arma3. Basically, all that needs to be done is to download 3 mod folders and teamspeak3 version 3.0.12, as later versions don't support the ACRE plugin (don't worry, it's a very small download and it doesn't replace your current teamspeak3).

Important note: If you have already got ACRE installed, you will still need to re-download the provided @ACRE and @JayArmA3Lib folders, as we have re-signed the mod to work on our server!

ACRE Installation Guide:

For this installation, you will need a .zip extractor. If you don't have one, you can download and use WinRaR as a free trial: download page

Part 1/2: Install Teamspeak3 version 3.0.12:

1. You can download version 3.0.12 here: download page.

2. Once downloaded, run the setup (you do not need to install overwolf). It's a good idea to install this version in a separate folder, so that once we make the move to ACRE2, you can delete this older version.

Part 2/2: Download Arma3 Mod folders and teamspeak3 plugin:

1. Download the latest version of CBA_A3: download page (Download link is at the bottom of the page)

2. Extract your downloaded file ( into your Arma3 Directory. The file path will be something along these lines:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3
Make sure that the '@CBA_A3' folder has now been extracted into your Arma 3 directory.

3. Download everything here (@ACRE, @JayArmA3Lib, userconfig, acre_win32.dll and acre_win64.dll) as a .zip: download link (Download is at the top-right of the page)

4. Extract the two mod folders (@ACRE, @JayArmA3Lib) and the userconfig folder into the same place as you did with '@CBA_A3' (into your Arma 3 directory). If you already have a 'userconfig' folder, merge with your existing one. Extract the two .dll files into your teamspeak3's 'plugins' folder. If you have two versions of teamspeak3, make sure you have put these .dll files into the correct version's 'plugins' folder!

ACRE Setup:

1. In order for ACRE to work, both Arma3 and teamspeak3 must be run in administrator mode. In order to do this, right-click on your teamspeak3 .exe, click on properties, then click the compatibility tab. At the bottom, tick the checkbox saying 'Run this program as an administrator', then click OK. Do the same thing for your 'arma3.exe'.

2. Open your teamspeak3 version 3.0.12 (should be launching in administrator mode). Do not update! Click on 'settings', then 'options':
  • Under the 'playback' tab, if you have stereo speakers or a stereo headset, set 'Mono Sound Expansion' to 'Mono to stereo'. If you have 5.1/7.1 speakers or a surround sound headset, click on 'Mono to surround'.
  • While in this tab, also tick the 'Always set clients 3D positions when available' box.
  • Click on the 'Capture' tab. Make sure you are using push-to-talk; select Push-To-Talk and then set your push-to-talk key.
  • Still in this tab, click the checkbox to open 'Advanced Options'. Make sure that both 'Voice Activation Detection while using Push-To-Talk' and 'Automatic voice gain contol' are UNTICKED.
  • Click on the 'Hotkeys' tab. Make sure that 'Direct Input' is selected from the drop-down list at the bottom right.
  • Click on the 'Notifications' tab. If you want to disable audio notifications (e.g. "User Joined Your Channel!") change 'Sound Pack' to 'Sounds deactivated'.

3. Click on 'settings', then 'plugins'. Make sure 'ACRE Plugin' is checked. If it isn't in the list, press 'Reload All'.

4. For when you want to join the server running ACRE, launch Arma 3 (should be launching in administrator mode), then click on 'Configure', then 'Expansions'. Enable 'Community Base Addons', '@ACRE' and '@JayArmA3Lib'. The game will prompt you to restart, click restart now. When using Arma3 normally, make sure to disable these mods, so that you can join the regular servers.

5. Unbind your 'Voice over Net' key in Arma3. This is in 'Configure' -> 'Controls' -> 'Multiplayer". Remember to re-bind this key when using Arma3 normally, without ACRE.

6. Setup complete! On the event night, join using teamspeak3 version 3.0.12. Everyone will need to join the 'EUTW Community Event Test' channel. We will be running a setup/warmup mission for 1 hour before the event starts, so if you want to test your ACRE, join early!

For any problems you encounter, please leave a reply here with as much detail as possible. I will reply as soon as I can. I can also sometimes be found on, so if you want to contact me, check there!

TL;DR If you want to install ACRE for Arma3, follow all the instructions.

Troubleshooting/previously encountered problems:

  • Make sure you have followed every step of the installation & setup instructions!
  • If you have a non-standard keyboard, you may need to re-bind your radio-transmit key. Open 'Arma 3\userconfig\acre\acre_keys.hpp', then change the key for 'class PTTRadio' (on line 36).
  • If your ACRE radio volume is low, try going into teamspeak->settings->plugins. Right click on 'ACRE Plugin' and click 'settings'. You can turn up Global Radio Volume in there.
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Re: ACRE Installation & Setup Guide

Post#2 » Sun 13 Jul, 2014 3:01 pm

CBA has been updated to RC2. Because RC1 is requird for the event server, CBA_A3_RC1 (step 2/2) can still be downloaded through this link: ...

hope this helps someone

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Re: ACRE Installation & Setup Guide

Post#3 » Sun 13 Jul, 2014 3:39 pm

Thanks for the info DeviousD, I didn't realise CBA had been updated!

I'll do some testing with CBA RC2 version, if everything still works with it (which it should), you'll be able to use RC2 on the event server next week. I'll update this post once I've made sure everything works with RC2.

edit: As ECID said below, the RC2 version of CBA will be working on the EUTW servers once they have been restarted. ACRE still works fine with RC2 version.
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Re: ACRE Installation & Setup Guide

Post#4 » Sun 13 Jul, 2014 6:39 pm

Just a FYI:

CBA key has been added to all servers on Saturday afternoon. The next time they are restarted CBA2 will work.

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Re: ACRE Installation & Setup Guide

Post#5 » Mon 14 Jul, 2014 11:04 am

Hey Krok thanks for the detailed Help with ACRE.

You Guys really do a good job!!! And that is even not normal for an non profit Project like the EUTW.


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Re: ACRE Installation & Setup Guide

Post#6 » Mon 14 Jul, 2014 12:40 pm

Thanks NightStalker, we'll keep on putting in the effort to improve the event week-by-week! Hopefully ACRE2 will be out soon so the mod installation process will be a lot smoother for everyone. ;)

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